#9 Run 10km


This was one of my goals that I worried wouldn’t happen after a winter of running only short distances on treadmills rather than getting outside to run much. About a month ago someone posted about the Fredericton Marathon so I signed up for the 10k race and tried to start training. I had intended to gradually increase my pace and run at least one 10k before the race but only managed two 8ks before race day. I got out once on my own the week before and once with a friend of mine on the Friday before the race. Both times I felt like it was so crazy hard and I was very uncertain about being able to actually run the whole way for the race so I had decided that even if I walked a little that I would count it.

Luckily, for the actual race, the race route was very flat, the weather conditions were absolutely perfect, and I found having spectators and lots of other runners around all the time very motivating. There were times where I got very tired and times when my energy reserves got low but I kept going. I walked a few paces at each water stop but other than that I ran the whole time and actually managed to keep my pace at 6:45 per km pretty much the whole time, and even sped up a bit the last two kilometers. A few times, I thought about how many times I went to cheer on my mom when she did races and how she misses doing them now and especially since it was Mother’s Day, I used that idea to keep going.

When the race started, there were “pace bunnies” to help people decide where to start and to give them a good idea of their pace if they didn’t have an app or anything. Since I generally do 5k in around 35 minutes, I started behind the 1:10 pace bunny, but I ended up passing her around the 2k mark and stayed ahead of her the whole rest of the race, finishing at 1:07. I think that’s a pretty good first time. I noticed on the list of finish times that many people finished around that time as well so I feel like I’m in pretty good company. Not sure what I’ll do as a follow up to this goal. More 10k’s? A half marathon? We’ll see.


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