#31 Play a new board game

I was certain I’d cross this one off a lot faster and I think I may have played a new game before this but didn’t document it so it doesn’t count. The other night I got to play a great game though and took a picture so it totally counts! It was called the Harry Potter Battle for Hogwarts. It was a cooperative deck and board based game, kind of along the lines of Pandemic. It was really cool because it’s based off the books and each book is kind of like a level. We started off playing the first and second books. They get progressively harder as they go so I’m curious if we’ll be able to beat the harder levels. We got through the first two books pretty successfully. It seemed like a very complicated game to get started, but once we got going it wasn’t too bad. Lots to learn, but it all made sense after we started playing. Looking forward to playing again.



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