#32 Go skiing


I like skiing both downhill and cross country and we have a ton of great trails around for cross-country skiing and there’s a downhill place not to far away but last winter wasn’t great for skiing and this winter didn’t seem to be going much better. It seemed that when the conditions were good for skiing, I wasn’t able to go for one reason or another. We had a spell of warm weather and I was starting to think I was going to have to give up on this particular goal but then Wednesday we had the perfect storm with enough of the right kind of snow and no rain after.

Even better, the weather today was sunny but still cold enough that the snow wouldn’t be melting and get sticky on skis so I finally managed to get out on the trails! They’ve done some upgrading on the trails at Kilarney. It was perfect…. Until I got to one hill. I normally love hills. I like the rush of going faster and I normally feel pretty controlled. Most of the hills at Kilarney are pretty small. This one was pretty big, and ended in a kind of sharp turn. That plus it was a little icy and I started down going too fast. I kind of panicked near the bottom, tried to make the turn but my skis disagreed. I fell pretty hard, pulled some muscles in my arm, but worst of all…

Ski boot now sole-less

I’ve had these skis since… high school I think? Possibly earlier. I was able to ski out okay, walking to my car was difficult but now I’m not sure what to do with them. Do I fix the shoe somehow or just upgrade? This was my first time skiing in two years so how much do I spend on something I don’t do as often anymore?

Regardless of a sore shoulder and broken shoe, I’m glad I managed to get out today. It’s a beautiful day to be out on the trails.


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