#26 Succeed at a Room Escape Without a Hint


I LOVE room escapes! I’ve kind of lost track of how many I’ve done now. I’ve done them where the rooms are not set up well, where they’re fantastic, where the story flows well, where the clues don’t make logical sense, and where we don’t have the right amount of people for the room. The first one we did, there were just four of us in a room designed for 4-10 people and it was WAY too hard – plus the location and set-up was sketchy. We’ve learned a lot since then and we’re much better at the whole room escape thing.

So Kyle’s mom came to visit and we decided, after doing every other room in Fredericton, to try the last one currently available at Decipher. We’d done their other one and only needed a few hints, but really we were just hoping to succeed. We had a great group, and we’d all done rooms before, just not all together in this group. The layout and the clues flowed pretty easily one into the next and there was never a time where we got stuck for too long. And before we knew it, we’d solved the room and found the jewel in record time! So not only did we finally solve a room without a hint, we managed to get on the top of the leader board!


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