#6 Travel to a place I’ve never been

I had to go back pretty far to find pictures for this one. Back in October, just before I moved, I went on a day trip with Kyle, Charles and Ben to Fundy National Park. We didn’t have a clear plan of what we were going to do there, just that we were going to go, find a good trail, do some hiking and head back. We also stopped in at this bakery that everyone said was amazing. It was just okay.

The trail we ended up walking was beautiful. There were a lot of leaves on the ground and it was all downhill. Great on the way in, hard on the way out, but it lead to a beautiful waterfall and it was a very nice day trip. Fundy is one of those places that people always talk about going to in New Brunswick so I’m glad I can finally say, after living her for 12 years, that I’ve been there. I’d like to go back when the tide is right so we can see Hopewell Rocks at some point too.


On our drive back, we made a little unexpected pit-stop at this really weird abandoned park. It was called Animaland Park and as you can see from the photo, it’s very creepy. Basically it was built as a sort of theme park but it didn’t last long.



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